Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My New Word that I Have Invented


verb, irregular

To take place or occur by chance when the odds of the occurance are very very slim. Often used when an idiot is agruing against logic and good science.


Some fool asks an astronomer in an open forum if the sun will explode on 20-10-2010. The scientist replies, "no, almost definatly not." The fool asks, "But it could happen. right?"

The scientist cannot say the sun will not explode on this day.

s/he has the option of saying, "yes, it could happen."

or s/he could say, "yes, it could osat."

2nd example

On 20-10-2010, if the sun explodes, an acceptable remark on seeing this event would be, "Oh crap, it osate!"

it is an irregular verb

has ositten

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Earthquakes in Basel

Remember the plot of the original superman movie? Think that man being able to cause massive earthquakes is science fiction? I did. I was wrong.

A magnitude 3.5 earth quake hit Basel last night. (where I live) This in not extrodinary as the city was actually destroyed in 1356 by an earthquake. What is interesting is that it was caused by man. They are drilling a 5Km hole in basel to tap geothermal energy on the fault line. They were expecting this to project to create earthquakes, but no big ones. I had no idea humans could create somethign as destructive as an earthquake.

It was my first ever earquake. Anybody else been in a bigger one? It was fun. I was on a private tour of Basels natural history museum at the time. It was after the museum had closed, and as part of a christmas party someone had arranged a private tour of the musuems collection that is not on display. The museum was old, dark empty, after hours, and then an earthquake. Pretty cool/erie in my book.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Coffee Cup

My coffee cup may not look very durable.....

...but it is.