Saturday, December 09, 2006

Earthquakes in Basel

Remember the plot of the original superman movie? Think that man being able to cause massive earthquakes is science fiction? I did. I was wrong.

A magnitude 3.5 earth quake hit Basel last night. (where I live) This in not extrodinary as the city was actually destroyed in 1356 by an earthquake. What is interesting is that it was caused by man. They are drilling a 5Km hole in basel to tap geothermal energy on the fault line. They were expecting this to project to create earthquakes, but no big ones. I had no idea humans could create somethign as destructive as an earthquake.

It was my first ever earquake. Anybody else been in a bigger one? It was fun. I was on a private tour of Basels natural history museum at the time. It was after the museum had closed, and as part of a christmas party someone had arranged a private tour of the musuems collection that is not on display. The museum was old, dark empty, after hours, and then an earthquake. Pretty cool/erie in my book.


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