Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Great Invention.

Just had to post this great invention that I found, in a pickle jar! A French pickle jar no less. Vlasic, listen up, by the time I get back in the states I want your pickle jars to be so equiped. Basically, it is a plastic instert that helps with removing the pickles. No more trying to stab the last pickle with a fondue fork or getting vinegar allover your fingers. It is called Tire Croq'.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Modern Art's Failure to Communicate

Art is a form of communication, but beyond that, art communicates more than Ideas and history, it adds a sense of feeling to communication. Art is communication with extra depth added. This could be in the form of paintings, writings, buildings, or anything really. To communicate sorrow, joy, excitement, despair, beauty, love, and the millions shades of all emotions is the noble endeavor art is.

Modern art lacks the ability to communicate well. Modern art enthusiasts would simply respond to this statement by telling me that I just don't get "it". Well, they are right, and that is my point. I am well educated, open, and love going to art museums. If I fail to understand why something hanging in an art museum is art, it isn't because of a lack of something on my part, it is because of a lack of the artists ability to communicate. I am not saying that modern art isn't art, I am saying modern art is bad art because of its inability to communicate.

I recently went to Museum Tinguely in Basel, dedicated to the artwork of Jean Tinguely. He specializes in modern art that moves, so it was a bit more interesting that most modern art museums, but not much. I hope you understand my point in the examples below.

I must add this as an ending. There are a few pieces of modern art that do communicate well. Picasso's Guernica comes to mind as one of these few examples of good modern art. If you are an artist, do not try to be new and different, try to communicate.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day is a joke on the proletariat.

Labor Day was created to be a day of rest for the working class American. This however is no more. As America has moved away from a industrial economy to a service economy, Labor Day has lost it’s meaning.

Here is how. The average low wage worker in the past worked in a factory. Today they work at Wal-Mart or TGIF’s. The college educated white collar office worker gets the day of. the CEO gets the day off, the dentist gets the day off, but not the people for who this tradition was started. These people want to go out and spend money on their day off, so the low wage worker, gets to spend their Labor Day, serving the wealthy.

Like I said…

It’s a damned joke.