Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Homeland Security (cough)

The United States of America is now one of the least popular places to study English now. This is no surprise to me. The requirements to stay in America, if only for a month or two to brush up on your language skills; are outrageous. The fear of letting terrorists in is undoubtedly severely hurting many private and public education facilities in America. The operational cost of the homeland security department is not the only cost of Americas new found paranoia. The cost to American businesses should also be factored in. My brother in law just returned from Indiana where he spent two months studying for and then taking the TOEFL.

I remember my favorite part of the American Visa application was the one inch by two inch box were you are to write in every country you have traveled to in the last ten years, and when. This is probably easy for the average American but if you grew up in central Europe remembering every time you left your country is hard enough; and it is even more difficult to fit it all in a tiny box.

Australia and England are the two most popular places to study English. The US has fallen behind Canada in the rank of popular places to study. CANADA!


Anonymous bcwalti said...

Maybe you should say that the tiny box to list the countries is point 9 in the form, that would make it easier for people to find it.

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Blogger somody said...

what's wrong with you? canada is a better country than the US will ever be...you shouldn't be racist in thinking that we're not as good as you...pig

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Blogger Tagliaferri said...

somody, can you read? Could you please post where I staed Canada was worse off than the US.

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Blogger Tagliaferri said...

If you were older than fifteen (somody) maybe you could understand what I was writting about.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You didn't say it Tag, but I will. Canada sucks. The only reason no one has conquered them is that it's too bloody cold to want the godforsaken place half the year. I stand by Robin Williams: "Canada is like a loft apartment over a really great party."

Besides, wouldn't they rather be speaking french?

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