Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Iran’s response Cartoon

An Iranian newspaper put out a contest to test the freedom of the press by asking for submissions of cartoon that Americans would find offensive. I have seen one. It is of an American bowing before a golden calf made by a Jewish person. The calf is saying “holocaust”. The Headline reads “The Holocaust is a lie”. This doesn’t really offend me. It doesn’t either convince me the Holocaust didn’t really happen. I don’t know how you could construe that Americans worship the holocaust. It does however show the racism of this author. I think the author really doesn’t understand Americans if he thinks that this will upset many Americans. I am sure it could upset a few though.
The cartoons published in Denmark at their worst said that the Islamic faith led people to violence. I think that an appropriate responsal cartoon should show how Christianity in America has led Americans to violence. But to deny the holocaust. It just doesn’t make any sense. They already did that , I wanted something new and more insulting to look at. BE ORIGINAL PEOPLE. Their hate for the Jews is old and boring.

Monday, February 13, 2006

On Cartoons

The response in the Muslim world to the caricatures of Mohammed perplexes me.
I understand that to draw Mohammad is a sin in Islam, but isn’t it even a greater sin to not believe in Mohammad? Why are these Muslims not rioting about the fact westerners don’t, for the most part, believe in Mohammed. Why are these Muslims only rioting about this one rule of their faith? Are there not more important rules of their faith that we westerners break?
They say that the caricatures are insulting to their faith. Well my response is they have never then seen how insulting a cartoon can be. I am looking forward to see what cartoons come out of Tehran about the holocaust. (not that I would believe them)
They want an apology from the government of Denmark. Whether Denmark should give in and give one is endlessly debatable, but I think this goes to show how the people in these Muslim countries cannot understand that the opinions of the government and the press are separate. I agree that it would have been wrong for some government agency to put out drawing of Mohammed.