Sunday, October 16, 2005


The level to which many people get involved in watching sports boggles my mind. I simply do not understand it. How could people who have never even met these athletes on the stupid box (TV) care which side wins. I can sort of see the concept if one of the teams is from your city, but in most cases this is not so. These contests last hours. How these people can maintain interest for so long is mind numbing. Why don’t they do something else until the game is over and then go back and find out who has won. After some reflection on this topic I figured out why I don’t watch sports. I still have no Idea why other people do
I am too apathetic. I just don’t care who wins. I don’t think I will ever care who wins and furthermore I cannot see how other people do care. This is a multibillion dollar industry and I don’t see how they make a single penny.
Sports are meant to be played. I enjoyed playing pick up games growing up. I played some intramural sports in college. If I am actually playing a game I care who wins. I want to win. If you are not involved in a game what does it matter who wins.


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