Friday, April 13, 2012

The Logical Flaw of the Stand Your Ground Law

THere is something that really bothers me about this law taht surprisingling the over-active 24h news media freak show hasn't dug into yet. Or at least I haven't heard them brign this particular point up.

that is Not how the stand your ground law relates to Zimmerman's actions, but how it realtes to Martin's actions.

Zimmerman says he had the right to stand his ground. He was trying to protect his community after a string of break'ins. So, for the sake of argument about this law. Lets say Zimmerman has represented the accoutn of that night very accuratly. And that he was justified in the killing.

But, as a thought expirement, let's reverse thing. If Trayvon Martin had killed Zimmerman tht night in thier struggle. Would not the "stand your ground" law protect him as well? He had the right to be there. He had some guy stalking him, with a gun no less. He had a legitimate right to fear for his life. Those are the grounds to use deadly force in Florida. SO I come to the conclusion that Trayvon Martin would have had the right to kill George Zimmermann.

My point?

How can anyone write a law that makes it perfectly legal to kill someone over a misunderstanding. George Zimmerman didn't know Trayvon Martin had a right to be there and only had skittles with him. Trayvon Martin didn't know that George Zimmerman was just trying to stalk him he was just trying to stop a rash of burgleries.

This is why sane places have the law that you have to retreat if you can. So just in case it was a misunderstanding, You don't have a circumstance where both parties have teh right to kill each other.

Thanks for reading my rant.


I do not know what happened that night, this was a theoretical exercise.

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