Wednesday, January 09, 2008

2+2=5 BS, the 2008 presidential primaries, and the idiot newscasters who cannot count

Today, the big news is that Hillary Clinton has won the democratic primary in the state of New Hampshire. You should only believe this if you cannot count to ten on your fingers. Obama has won 9 delegates in this state and Clinton won 9 delagates in this state. Amoungst people who can count, this means they tied. 9 is not greater than 9.

I am not mad because I prefer Obama over Clinton, I don't, I see little difference between the two. My problem is fundamental and on principle. I do like liars(i.e. new organisations) and I expect people( i.e. newscasters) to be able to count. I have found no national news site pointing out that the two candidates "won" the same number of delagates in NH.

Ignorance is not strenght, war is not peace, and 9 is not greater than 9.


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