Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Truthfulness in Politics; i.e. Thou Shall Not Lie

Senator Craig may not resign.

If Craig did not engage in disorderly conduct in that restroom, Doesn't that mean Craig perjured himself in court when he admitted guilt? Isn't perjury much worse of a crime than a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge? Isn't perjury (lying in court) a felony.

I wonder how his lawyers are going to argue this one? It is a sad state of politics when a man would rather commit a felony then have people think he is gay. I personally don't care what he did in that bathroom. His sex life is between his wife, himself and whoever he inserts his penis into.

What I do mind is that he lied, and that people don't seem to care. What ever he did, he has undeniably lied at some point. It doesn't matter if he lied when he admitted guilt or when he denied guilt. he has/is lied/lying. What are so many people ok with this? Is it because he has a good excuse? What excuse? Is his excuse he didn't have a lawyer present to tell him not to admit guilt to something he didn't do?

he either lied





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