Sunday, January 06, 2008

Food in Aluminium Tubes

America needs more food sold in tubes. Normally I love to take the time and cook everything from sracth but if I am short on time and want a quick dinner or snack, food out of tubes really help. Examples of good food that you get in tubes here are; gravey (pictured), tomato paste, pâté, mustard, and mayonaise. The great thing about tubes is you can use exactly how much you want, put the cap back on, and back in the fridge. This is especially great for things like tomato paste that is usuallly only sold in cans in America and if you don't use the whole can then there is no good way to store the paste until you want to use it again. With the maynaise and mustard, there is no need to get a knife dirty to spread the condiment on your sandwich. The gravey is so good because it tastes better than the powder gravey mix one can buy (but not as good as making your own), and you can keep it in your cupboard just like the powder stuff. Americans, toothpaste isn'ty the only thing you can put in a tube.

So american food producers, I WAN TUBES!


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