Friday, September 21, 2007

Boston Airport bomb hoax no hoax!

It's 31-1-07 all over again.

This is not a bomb.

This is and LEd sign on a t-shirt connect to a battery. It is harmless you stupid PIGS!! sorry about the swearing, I am really pissed. Here is the story.

FYI this is the definition of Hoax.

hoax /hoʊks/ Pronunciation[hohks] n
1. something intended to deceive or defraud.

There is a police officer quoted in the article as saying the the woman was lucky she was not shot in the head. I guess he is right to say that considering how stupid police officers, fear and guns do not mix. She is lucky she was not killed by him, so are most peopel he arrests.

Here is a good quote I saw on slashdot.

Even if they did overreact at first....after the situation was ascertained, why in hell did they charge this girl with a crime and set bail? Can police no longer find they made a mistake, and just LET YOU GO without penalty??
That's what I don't understand - sure, if the person at the desk alerts them to a suspicious device, the police need to respond. Once they have responded, and found the suspicion unwarranted, they should let the kid go about her business. From reports, she was just in the entry hall to pick someone up, she wasn't trying to get on a plane or anything.

Someone need to ask teh police this question. It is a good question. I talking to you reporters. Why can you people not ask the tough questions.


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