Thursday, February 01, 2007

Stupidity Attacks Boston: The Aftermath

Yesterday there was a bomb scare in Boston. The police are blaming an advertising campaign. I am blaming the Boston police and the Mayor Thomas Menino. The advertising company did not terrorize Boston yesterday, the police did. The Boston police shut the bridges down, the Boston police told the news outlets there was the possibility of bombs being around the city, The Boston police should have known better. The advertising company has some responsibility for the scare on 31-1-2007 in Boston, but the police and mayor are times more responsible.

Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis called it "unconscionable" that the marketing campaign was executed in a post 9/11 era.

I find it unconscionable that these advertisements were not immediately determined to be harmless by the police that found them. If someone reports suspicious activity, send a patrol by, but don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars unnecessarily. It was not Turner broadcasting or the advertising agency that cost the government so much time and money. It is the police and mayors fault. The placements of the advertisements were a mistake, but how stupid do you have to be to think a bomb would be lit and have a cartoon character on it. This is just not one officer that could not think rationally. This seems to be the entire executive branch of the Boston.

"It had a very sinister appearance," Coakley told reporters. "It had a battery behind it, and wires." Said Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley.

Well we better go out and arrest everybody that has a device with a battery and wires.

I call for Mayor Thomas Menino’s resignation. He is obviously unable to think rationally or lead. I do not know if it was stupidity or fear that made the decisions but he is unfit.

The list of places shut down,
Boston University and Longfellow Bridges and block boat traffic from the Charles River to Boston Harbor.

p.s. They keep referring to these devices as hoaxes. For theadvertisements to be hoax devices they would have to be made up to be fake bombs. They are not.

FREE Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens, well ok, they are free but you all get the point.



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