Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Humble Pentago Strategy Guide: The Outside Line

There are a couple of main points when going fo rthe plain old striaght line in Pentago. First, it is best if you do not try to use this strategy by building a line through a center hole in one of your four blocks. This has the same problem of the Diagonal strategy that it is very easy to block. (Though if you did try to employ the diagonal strategy, and you were stopped, then trying to build a line through a center hole in this case might be a good stategy. But I digress.

The problem with this strategy, unlike the three square strategy is that your opponent will easily see what you are doing. The first step to a straight line as opposed to a diagonal is getting three marbles in a row on one block. I like to start out placing my marble to look as if I am going to try a three square diagonal strategy.

You then place a marble in the corner. Your oppenent cannot block both holes and you obtain a row of three in the next turn.
There are now eight good holes to put your marble in. Maybe you even already have a marble in one of these eight holes.
Now, you simply place a marble next to the one you just played in your last turn. After you have this it is simply am matter of twisting to win. As seem above, the way I do it, the two blocks need to be twisted in opposite directions to win. Provided of course you are blocking your opponent well.

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