Monday, November 07, 2005

Viva la Révolution

The riots in Paris have been occurring nightly for the past eleven nights now. The Riots started when two teenage immigrants, fleeing from police or not fleeing from police depending on who you ask, tried to hide in an electrical sub station and electrocuted themselves. The large minority populations blame their deaths on an atmosphere of police brutality against the large Muslim and African populations living in communities surrounding Paris.
Even if the police are brutal and racist against minority groups, remember who the French president is, how could this event set off riots. The poor teenagers died because of their own stupidity. The two dead teenagers were not at the moment in the custody of police. Nor would I consider the chasing of suspects that are fleeing overt police brutality or racism.
In America we have police brutality but the events that set off riots are much more severe. If the police in America beat a man lying motionless on the ground or sodomize a man in handcuffs in a police station, then I would support, non violent, public outcry and demonstrations to bring severe justice to the offending officers. I would not doubt that the Parisian police may discriminate and treat the immigrant populations poorly, but the minority population should choose better victims to champion. The deaths were tragic but the police, save a policy of not perusing criminals, could have not prevented it. It should be noted that the suspects had not yet been convicted of any crime. This makes it sad that their deaths could have been a misunderstanding but it doesn’t justify rioting.
I hope the french goverment puts this uprising down better than the one 215 years ago. Then again guillotining a few leaders would shake things up abit.


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