Monday, October 31, 2005

Scary Wrong

Beate Uhse has a policy that is coming under fire because it is illegal here. Beate Uhse is a chain of stores that sell adult lingerie and videos. In Switzerland you have to be 16 years old to enter such a store. Beate Uhse's policy is that all children under the age of 16 have to be accompanied by an adult. Now; I am quite certain that children are not asking their parents to take them into this store. That is weird. I think it is more that their parents are stopping at these stores while they are out running errands and taking their kids in with them. That would be a horrifying childhood memory for me as I am sure it is for many of these kids. It is just crazy wrong. I wonder how old these kids are that are being accompanied by their parents into these adult stores. I guess this experience would just be really confusing for younger children. Older preteens and young teens will have to recount these horrifying visits to psychiatrists. I am not saying it is wrong to be open about your sexuality, but some things should not be experienced with your parents.


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