Monday, December 28, 2009

Inadvertent terrorist(s) attack

The terrorists are making headway, gaining ground and I want it to Stop!

No, I am not speaking of the failed explosive device attack aboard a plane landing in Denver. I am speaking of the incidents that happened in the next days. The person who spent too long in the bathroom and the non-white looking passengers that were watching an action movie and standing with the seat belt light on. (btw, on my last flight I think 25% of the passengers stood at some point while the seat belt light was on, but not me, that really also annoys me, but It is not suspicious behavior in any way.)

The terrorists, well meaning imbeciles that they are, are the people who overreact. They are the passengers, cabin crew, the police, the news media and many others are the people spreading fear. The quote "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” is becoming tired and I think that people no longer know its meaning or wisdom. This post 9-11 world we live in was not created by the terrorists, it was created by us. We must be vigilant, but we must not act fearfully. The actions taken this week against those people were not actions of vigilance, but of fear. They are not acceptable. It is what the extremists want.

I have made it my duty to my birth country, to combat the terrorists, and that means combating those that are spreading the fear. These are the politicians, the media, and any who say that an unjust action is just because we live in a post 9-11 world. There were terrorists that wanted to kill us before 9-11, just as there are today. What has changed is that now, people are being driven by fear of religious extremists. This fear and irrationality however is created from within. When we give into it as what happened this week, and as we do so often, the extremists win.

-To hell with those inadvertent terrorists that would give in now! Yes, I may be speaking to you!


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