Friday, October 14, 2005


We are taught that private citizens should not use violence to solve their problems? It is however acceptable, by many, for governments to do so. Why ??? Why is it that committees are better able to decide when violence is appropriate than me. It is my experience, as well I suspect most others, that committees and bureaucracy impairs the ability of every one involved to make a good decision. So, groups of people with a history of bad decision making are the ones that get to decide when violence is appropriate. Myself, well I have a good history of decision making, and I am not ever allowed to decide that violence would be the best way to solve my problems. This is not logical at all. Though that being said, I am discussing politics here, logic is very seldom brought in to play in this arena.
This brings me to my favorite recent quote I have read. It is dated the 18th of September 2005 from The London Observer. On the third Page they have an article entitled ”How the Penguins Life Story Inspired the US Religious Right.” The Article quotes at the very end Steve Jones, professor of genetics at University College London. He is speaking of the actions of the religious right in America in the support of what he finds illogical. “It appeals to ignorance, which is why there is a lot of it in American politics today” Despite the fact that the quote is in reference to a different aspect of US politics I hold his statement to be universally true about American politics.


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