Monday, January 16, 2006

A survey to cover all four possibilities

My un-named employer has a survey on it's intranet page today asking about the high gasoline prices and if thier employees are having to change thier behavior. As I am very green enviormentaly natured I wished to reply to this poll. Unfortunatley these were the four option to respond I had.

Yes, I am driving less and plan to keep the heat low this winter

Yes, I am planning on buying a more fuel efficient car

No, I have to drive to work/my kids to activities

and ..No, I love my SUV and I'm not worried about prices

They have no option for people that already don't waste thier money on gasoline. Before you start saying that I am in some great minority, as far as I know, everyone in my office takes public transportation to work or walks, even if they own a car. I just see this as anouther example of how people in America cannot comprehend things outside of thier way of life. The person who wrote this poll wouldn't think that there are places in thier company where the majority of people don't drive thier car to work.


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